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Bonsai Gallery

Bonsai is the reproduction of natural tree forms in miniature. Literally translated, "Bonsai" means "tree in a pot". The first thing to learn about owning a Bonsai tree is to understand how to properly care for it. Although there are some species that are adaptable to indoor conditions, almost all plants suitable for Bonsai must be kept outdoors. Bonsai can be displayed indoors, for a short period of time, without harm. Most Bonsai trees must be maintained outdoors so they may go through the natural seasonal changes. These changes are particularly enjoyable with deciduous trees, whose foliage turns color and drops in the fall, and returns to announce the arrival of spring. The watering of a Bonsai is extremely important and cannot be neglected. A thorough watering once a day during spring, summer, and fall is usually sufficient. Less watering is required during the winter months. Normal maintenance, which includes trimming, pinching, pruning, fertilizing, and re-potting is also important in keeping a Bonsai healthy. With proper care, a Bonsai will remain healthy and beautiful for many years to come. We carry a collection of indoor and outdoor Bonsai, containers, plants, and supplies. Our Bonsai collection- many which are propogated and grown on-site- changes seasonally, and no two Bonsai plants are alike. Due to the unique nature of Bonsai, we do not sell them from our website. Come in to check availability/inventory and speak to our Bonsai specialist! Delivery may be available.